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Can stress cause panic attacks?

Managing stress by changing the way you react to daily situations is an important part of  how to stop panic attacks.

How do you behave when confronted with an disagreeable state of affairs? Do you withdraw into your shell, or come out swinging?

We must accept stress is a natural part of our existence,  therefore can stress cause panic attacks?

Yes, in many cases it can, but it  makes a huge difference if we learn how to deal with it.

Many dealing with panic attacks will tell you it is often preceded by rising stress.


Feeling stressed can be a physical, as well as emotional response to external events, often out of your control.

There are many easily explained reasons for rising anxiety. The list can be endless: losing your job, rising oil prices, mounting bills, health issues.

Attacks can also seem to come without an obvious trigger and you feel even worse when loved ones see nothing wrong.

You must  take action and not develop the habit of dodging stressful situations.

OK, there are exceptions, and it would be wise to avoid negative people who drain you of  positive energy and stress you out with their attitude.

But mostly it is wiser to confront your condition.

A common stress point is over-thinking a problem, for example household bills getting out of hand in a bad month.

Dwelling on the situation will guarantee your stress will rise, but by taking action and calling the people to whom you are late in paying, will probably result in a more suitable payment option and put you back in control of the situation.

Just picking up the phone and talking to someone, instead of continuously rolling it around in your mind, will bring a feeling of relief, even though the bills still have to be paid.

Don’t mask your rising panic and pretend that all is well because this will just increase your anxiety.

It is also important not to blame yourself when you feel stressed for seemingly no reason, after all, it could be that you have inherited this tendency.

Anxious parents tend to have nervy children who adopt the same behavior.

The brain can be retrained, and correcting your skewed thinking is the key to easing stress and prevent panic attacks.

Here are some tips to control your stress levels and stop panic attacks.

  • Confront the entrenched reaction to your problems and condition yourself  to see that there are other ways to view the situation.
  • Establish a new routine and get yourself organised. Mark the calendar with the due date for bills so that you are not caught by surprise.
  • Get in early and let creditors know there will be a problem. Most would be happy to cut you some slack and will appreciate the fact you have acknowledged the debt.
  • Avoid letting things snowball into a panic attack by dividing your seemingly overwhelming problem into separate, more manageable chunks.
  • Before ringing your creditor and just blurting out your case, you’ll find it less stressful by first reviewing the situation.
  • Have all the paperwork in front of you so you are not fumbling around looking for dates or account numbers.
  • Appear more confident on the phone by first jotting down on a notepad an outline of what, and how,  you will be talking about your dilemma.
  • Find a relaxation method so that you can back off a little and release your stress before taking the steps to confront your problems.
  • Breathing exercises are probably the simplest first step to fend off the negative thoughts that lead to panic attacks
  • Confide in a good friend or family and reduce your anxiety by talking to someone outside of yourself.
  • Dealing with anxiety by learning how to progressively relax your major muscles might be your best bet to head off the anxiety that builds to a panic attack.

Sharing the burden always helps, but also, someone might come up with a terrific idea you would not have thought of in your anxious state.

Genetics, as much as stress and depression might have led to your panic attacks and anxiety.

But the original trigger could have been a random stressful event, long forgotten by the subconscious mind.

Medication, like anti-depressants, can provide temporary relief but should not be allowed to stop you from confronting your problems.

You can get help here online these days to help you restructure your thinking.

It will also help you to learn  how to sleep better and prevent panic attacks the natural way, and without resorting to drugs.

Realise you are not alone with panic attack and anxiety issues, but understand you need to take action.