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How to Sleep Better and Prevent Panic Attacks

Lack of sleep can worsen your panic disorder.

Your Poor sleep is often the result of  breathing obstructions or other physical conditions.

But just as frequently is due to deeply lodged patterns in the mind.

Persistent insomnia sets you up for a chronic stress cycle that leads to day time panic.

Fatigue makes it harder to cope at work or handle study assignments.

Driver panic can set in when caught in rush hour, or during a strenuous cross country trip.

Don’t you wish you could just turn off your worries each night.

Well, a regular good night’s rest could be the answer to beating the fear.

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Does it really matter if you’re a poor sleeper?


Well, the less consistent sleep you get, the more errors you will make the next day.

Insomnia could impact on your job or lead accidents at home or on the road.

You will find it hard to react with others others and become grumpy.

People will be obliged to tiptoe around you or go out of their way to avoid you altogether.

As you become aware of the negative change in your personality, stress levels will rise.

One study I read claims that after 17 hours of wakefulness, the brain operates at the same level as if you have a blood alcohol level of 0.05 per cent.

In some jurisdictions, that level means it’s illegal to drive.


A good sleeping pattern is a vital


Sleep is the foundation to dealing with any emotional issues like panic and anxiety.

It applies just as importantly if you are being helped by your medical practitioner.

Or working through a program like Panic Away in the privacy of your home.

Sleep and adequate rest is just as  important as you get older as it is for children and teenagers.

Older people do not sleep as soundly as the young, and might be feeling the build up of years of stress.

Most of us of a certain age are also on some form of regular medication for chronic conditions which could heighten anxiety and depression.

There are important benefits if you can sleep well tonite and avoid eventually developing nocturnal panic attacks.


What are the benefits of a good sleep?


  • For kids and teens, sleep is the time when growth hormones do their work.

  • For all of us, good sleep is necessary to reinvigorate the physical body as well as the mind.
  • Your brain is greedy for oxygen and while you sleep, the rest of your body does not need as much.
  • You think better and feel better.
  • You look better. Beauty sleep is not just an empty saying.

    tips for a better sleep tonight
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Poor sleep can become a gateway for panic attacks

Sometimes we need to go without sleep, but if you let it become a habit, the body and mind will pay the price.

Lack of sleep could impact your immune system as well as your thought processes.

If you are not thinking straight, your mind’s ability to deal with stressful situations will be warped.

The potential for a panic attack will increase.

Don’t underestimate the value of  sleeping well.

Those first small symptoms could escalate quickly.

The first results of insomnia could lead to:

  • difficulty in concentration.
  • rising stress levels.
  • procrastination.
  • irritability.
  • anxiety.
  • hallucinations.
  • nightmares.
  • panic attacks.

If you fail to take action before your symptoms get to the end of that list, please get medical help.

Or, under no obligation, check out Barry McDonagh’s highly respected program.


 Something as basic as your diet could cause anxiety and poor sleep.

Click on the link to find out about foods that cause anxiety.

Here are some tips for a better sleep tonight:

  • If you spend extended periods in bed and not sleeping, you could get up for a while.
  • Keep the lights low or off, and do some tedious domestic task for a while which is likely to get you drowsy again
  • Don’t just lie there, because your mind will begin to link bedtime with wakefulness.
  • Don’t resort regularly to sleeping pills, unless prescribed by your doctor, as this could lead to long-term dependence.
  • Try instead herbs such as valerian, skullcap and passionflower.
  • Lavender on your pillow can also help you nod off.
  • Head off anxiety and rising panic by going to another place in you mind, this always works for me, and it can be a calming technique for you too.
  • When you find yourself listing all your worries and giving free rein to anxiety, just stop and go to your favorite place.
  • Picture yourself on a small sandy beach, lying under the shade of a palm tree.
  • Listen to the hypnotic hiss of gentle waves and see the sparkling sea.
  • Only you know this place, it’s private, it’s in your mind and nobody else can go there.
  • Of course you can go anywhere you desire, but persist in your visualisation and you will push anxiety and panic aside for the night.



Good sleep is crucial to your health and a lack of adequate rest can lead to more than panic attacks and anxiety.

A report from the Duke University Medical Centre in the US revealed lack of sleep to be connected with a higher level of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, especially in women.

Insomnia sufferers also show an increased level of inflamation.

It is not hard to find a reason why many of us suffer stress and panic attacks.

Your trigger might be mid-life crisis, divorce, unemployment or simply because you have created a pattern of  chronic worry.

Try the above suggestions for quick relief.

Or take further action now:

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