Stop Panic Attacks Naturally – things to do and others to avoid

Panic attacks and anxiety seem a life and death situation, even though they’re not.

But there are some simple approaches to lessen the fear and get panic attack help.

What are some simple ways to help stop panic attacks naturally?

Do search for more information because the more you know about the cause and effects of your predicament, the better.

You’ll soon learn you are not going mad and that your anxiety is just an exageration of normal responses to unpleasant situations.

panic attack help

Do acknowledge what is happening to you. Tell yourself, yes I am having another of those attacks, but they have always passed and I’m still here.

You still wont like the feeling, but worrying about being anxious will just create a vicious cycle of increased panic. Try to maintain a normal breathing rhythm.


Do maintain physical exercise. Do whatever floats your boat.

Walking at a brisk pace in pleasant surroundings can be very beneficial in lowering stress and anxiety levels, but ditch the headphones and still your mind by being mindful of what you see around you.

You can jog, swim, ride a bike or go to the gym. All of these will release feelgood endorphins in your brain which is a strong foundation for panic attacks self help.


Do get outdoors more and connect with nature. If a gym is not your scene, take a walk along a beach or  a lake shore.  Go to a park or walk a forest path.  When you awaken your mind to the outdoor surroundings, the racket in your mind will fade.

Do disconnect from intrusive technology like email, RSS feeds, constant news updates.  Leave the world wide web and return to the real world for awhile.

Do get your work/life balance back on an even keel. Don’t let study or work assignments swamp your rest or recreation time.

You are not being lazy by giving rest and recreation a higher priority, you are getting smarter about your health. Studies show that as little as five minutes activity outdoors can boost your mental state.


Do be mindful of what you are thinking. Quite often when rising anxiety builds to panic attacks, a swirl of anxious thoughts floods the stressed mind.

The resulting lift in anxiety level can seem impossible to beat off.

Accept the feelings of anxiety and negative thoughts but begin to talk to yourself in a positive way.

Interrupt the black thoughts by prompting yourself with the thought that you have set out on your goal of taking action to beating your panic attacks and anxiety.


Do seek help as soon as you notice any abnormal increase in your levels of anxiety.

Also find out more about dealing with anxiety attacks to help yourself.

Your family doctor will most likely prescribe some medication for depression and to stop panic attacks, but will usually be reluctant to have you on these pills for the long term.

Anxiety and depression can plunge sufferers into fearful panic attacks which at their extreme can even mimic heart attack.

The brain’s wiring goes haywire in a panic situation and logical thinking is impossible.

You are not going to die even though your mind is telling you to run for your life.


But while in this anxious fight or flight panic state you certainly wont be able to function normally, if at all.

It is only natural, when fearing the worst, to grasp at any means to gain relief from overwhelming fear in order to regain control of your life.

However, there are pros and cons to some of these efforts at panic attacks self help.


Avoid the following so-called remedies to stop panic attacks:


Don’t sidestep situations that you feel could lead to anxiety or panic.

Ducking the issue seems the right thing to do, but repeating this avoidance behaviour over time will just heighten the fear.

The angst will remain, waiting for the right trigger.


Don’t turn to drink. In moderation a glass of what you fancy is a great social lubricator at a party or can steady anxiety before making a speech.

But booze is only a short term solution and no benefit in shaking off entrenched depression, or help for panic attacks in the long term.

Don’t kid yourself that a marijuana joint will help beat your fears.

Just like alcohol, the happy weed can result in growing paranoia and be detrimental to your physical health as well as your mental state.

In fact, sometimes a simple change in some of the foods you eat can start your recovery. Click here for some healthy tips.


Don’t waste your money on false remedies, but it’s to your benefit to invest only a little to stop panic attacks naturally and gain long term freedom from fear.

You are not alone, just go back and click on that link to at least, hear and read how others have found a way to stop panic and anxiety

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