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How To Control Anxiety

What women worry about differs from men, but both benefit equally by learning how to control anxiety.


Making the effort to find anxiety attack relief will give you peace of mind, and could add years to your life.

We all need to cope with short-term stress. But if we let it become a chronic situation, the mounting pressure could compromise your physical health.

There are numerous situations that cause anxiety and panic attacks. These lead to symptoms that cannot be ignored.

If you are not sure what constitutes chronic stress, just picture in your minds eye, an inflated beachball.

Imagine trying to hide that beachball by pushing it below the surface of the water.

You need to exert a lot of physical effort to get that ball to submerge out of sight.

However, you will soon tire, so the force of the water, and air in the ball, will see it pop with a rush back to the surface.

You get the picture? Just substitute the physical ball for your mental state.

No matter how long you put off  learning seriously how to combat anxiety, it will continue to rear up to blight your life.

The end result could be that you suffer from panic attacks.

Self help might be enough to stop panic attacks but some will need more guidance.

How to control anxiety
Barry McDonagh

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Does your panic or anxiety hit hardest when you have to do anything a bit different like eating out, attend a wedding, go to the hairdresser or sit in a meeting.Maybe you worry about events you have to attend for weeks before they happen and then feign some sudden illness just to get out of going.
Have you ever left a trolley full of shopping in the supermarket just because your chest and throat felt tight or you heart was pounding like crazy?
Or maybe you have even called for an ambulance because you were convinced you were having a heart attack only to find out later it was just anxiety!
Do you experience intrusive thoughts that lead you to believe you are cracking up?
When you drive, do you fear the idea of getting stuck in traffic, on a bridge, or at a red light?

I know how you feel because I have been there too!


Learn how to control anxiety if you have any of these stress symptoms.

  • Poor sleep pattern or insomnia.
  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Weak immune system.
  • Stomach problems, like indigestion or diarrhoea.
  • Feelings of being overwhelmed or losing control.
  • Regular headaches and constant aches and pains.
  • Being moody or tearful.
  • Lacking in self esteem.
  • Little confidence in yourself.
  • Suffer from heart problems.
  • Short temper and irritability.
  • Bouts of depression.


Women who worry too much, exhibit one or more of the above stressors.

how to control anxiety

But the genders often have different trigger points.

A recent survey, by the Australian Psychological Society, found that money worries were top of the stress list for both sexes.

But stressing about money makes up 57 per cent of what women worry about the most. In comparison, 48% of men rate it their number one concern.

Women were less distressed by things such as the environment and personal safety, and more by finances, family issues and personal health.

Similarly, men were concerned about  financial situations and health, but not to the  extent of their reaction to the economy, career and political climate.

The survey found that around 12 per cent of people rated their level of  anxiety as severe. Surprisingly, young folk were having more difficulty dealing with anxiety than older people.


Anxiety in women is often influenced by family and relationships.

Those going through a family or relationship crisis generally suffer from a higher number of stressors leading to anxiety and panic disorders.

However, the survey found that once the relationship and family issues were resolved, their stress levels returned to that of  the general population.

Anxiety attack relief tends to be gained in varying ways by the different genders.

Women are more prone to seek the assistance of  friends to combat anxiety. They rely more on their social networks.

Shopping trips and emotional over-eating are sometimes used to beat stress and anxiety.

Less sociable women tended to escape by watching television, reading or listening to music.

Dealing with anxiety for men resulted in taking to gambling or engaging in computer games.

Younger males turned more to alcohol and escaping into cyberspace through the internet.


Try these quick stress relief tips supplied by The Australian Psychological Society:


Look for warning signs such as tensing your jaw, short temper, grinding teeth and headaches.

Get to know your triggers, including deadlines, certain people, over-tired children.

Spend time with uplifting people who care about you.

Don’t bottle up your feelings.


Anxiety attack relief could be as simple as limiting the outside situations that cause stress.


Sometimes it can help to just to avoid newspapers or the media in general for a day or so. Don’t let negatives stories fill your mind.

You can’t always avoid bad news, but a personal media blackout on occasion can help lighten anxiety.

Give yourself a break from friends, or family members who are energy vampires. Their negativity can drain you emotionally.

Don’t feel guilty about keeping your distance from an unhealthy relationship.


Mix with people who see the positive side of life.

anxiety attack reliefGravitate to those who can laugh at the minor irritations that pessimists groan and moan about.

Look for situations and company that bring happiness and laughter into your life.

Negative people can bring down your own mood, just like optimists can transfer their positive outlook and zest for life to you.

It just makes sense to spend more time with the “glass half full” crowd.


Exercising every day is a great way of dealing with anxiety.

This strategy promotes the release of endorphins in your body.

These endorphins are nature’s feelgood chemicals which can reduce pain as well as lifting your mood.

Simply walking can help calm fears and lower stress levels. As well as gaining muscle tone, your self esteem will rise.

Low self esteem is a common factor in people struggling with anxiety.

So shut off the daytime TV programs and get on your feet.

Once you get out there, you will tend to focus more on your surroundings than yourself.

Concentrate on the sun on your face or the wind in your hair.

If a negative thought intrudes, just let it drift away.


Don’t bottle up your emotions and assume nobody cares.


There is no need to become a pessimist, just pick a suitable moment occasionally to confide in a friend.

It really helps to just sit and talk about how you are feeling.

If you are away from your home territory, consider talking to a counselor instead.


Don’t  be overwhelmed by your daily chores.


Break up your tasks into easy to accomplish goals, and don’t start thinking of what’s next on the list until you have completed the task at hand.

Try not to be too hard on yourself. One of the common traits of anxious people is their tendency to be harsh self critics.

Many have that inner voice falsely telling them they are not good enough or too stupid.

This is just a habit, and habits can be changed. Retrain your mind to substitute harmful self-talk with positive thoughts.

Ensure to get enough sleep. Being tired and overwhelmed can lead to anxiety.

If you ascertain your night’s sleep was insufficient, find time for a short nap during the day.


 Sometimes, simply just getting a good night’s sleep is how to control anxiety.


But if panic and anxiety is getting you down, see what Barry McDonagh can do.